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Recycling and Disposal Services

Recycling Services

Used Antifreeze Recycling

Spirit operates permitted collection trucks to pick up used antifreeze and safely transport it for recycling.  Once this product is recycled, it can be resold in the marketplace. Spirit offers both onsite and offsite antifreeze recycling services for all sized clients. For example, Spirit is approved to perform ship-to-shore used antifreeze transfers for the US Coast Guard.

Used Glycol Recycling

Spirit will pick up, transport and process glycol. We can evacuate glycol straight from natural gas dehydration units in the field when the unit is flushed and/or serviced or from any other container you have. Due to the potential environmental hazard glycol poses, it is important to properly manage this waste.

Universal Waste Recycling

Spirit offers universal waste recycling for a variety of products including:

  • Spent light bulbs of all types (fluorescent, incandescent, LED)
  • Batteries (wet and dry cell)
  • Ballasts
  • Mercury containing devices (thermometers, thermostats and switches)

These items can contain chemicals and materials not suitable for disposal in the regular trash.  Contact Spirit to learn more about our universal waste programs.

Electronic Waste Recycling

It is becoming increasingly difficult to dispose of electronic equipment.  Spirit offers a convenient way for you to recycle your computers, televisions and more. We accept most electronic devices including:

  • Computer Monitors
  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Keyboards
  • 2 way Radios
  • Televisions
  • Any circuit board containing electronics which may contain lead and other heavy metals

Contact Spirit for a complete list of electronic waste accepted by our facilities.

Disposal Services

Bulk Non‐Hazardous Solids Disposal

Spirit provides transportation and disposal for most bulk non‐hazardous solids such as contaminated soils or gravel, used absorbents or oily debris. Our specially trained drivers and disposal experts will work with customers to ensure the safe and reliable disposal of all non‐hazardous waste.

Drummed Hazardous & Non‐Hazardous Solids and Liquids Disposal

Spirit disposes of drummed hazardous or non‐hazardous solids and liquids. Spirit can evaluate your drummed waste and recommend the proper transportation and disposal methods to fit your needs. Contact our disposal experts to learn more.

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