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Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

At Spirit the safety of our employees, customers' employees and the public are the most important of our core values.  In support of these values, we have developed a comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety Program in order to establish benchmark safe work practices and procedures.  It is designed to be used as a tool to ensure each employee incorporates safety into his or her daily activities. This will enable Spirit to prevent injuries and illnesses, as well as mitigate damage to our equipment and facilities.

All of Spirit's employees go through training programs that include Safeland, PEC Core, 24 Hour HAZWOPER, Confined Space Entry, 8 Hour DOT Hazmat, First Aid/CPR, Hydrogen Sulfide, Mine Safety Training, Forklift and other client-specific training.

Our safety philosophy is built on trust, accountability and the belief that "ALL INJURIES CAN AND SHOULD BE PREVENTED." Each Spirit employee must take an active role in every phase of safety to ensure our program's success. Collectively, we strive to provide a safe workplace. Individually, we endeavor to learn and follow safe practices.

EHS Training

Spirit's employees attend training programs including Safeland, PEC Core, 24 Hour HAZWOPER, Confined Space Entry, 8 Hour DOT Hazmat, First Aid/CPR, Hydrogen Sulfide, Mine Safety Training, Forklift and other client-specific training.

We offer a wide variety of training courses that can be taught as a whole course or individual sections depending on your company’s needs. We can train one of your employees or a whole class as an effective cost solution. We offer classes based on your schedule, so contact us to schedule one or all of the classes below.

Safe Gulf / Safe Land Basic Orientation

SafeGulf/SafeLand Orientation meets the health and safety training standards required by the oil and gas industry.

This course is designed to take the place of multiple operator orientations and give each participant a general idea of life and safety issues in the oil and gas industry: upstream, downstream, onshore, or offshore. This course meets API RP 75 & API RP T-1 requirements and provides a basic, awarenesslevel understanding of certain general safety information that an employee should know before entering a company facility and while performing assigned work duties. Over 25 of the leading oil and gas operators accept this orientation to meet their requirements.

PEC CORE Compliance Training

Core Compliance, is a standardized program covering the health, safety, and environmental training most requested by oilfield operators and other host employers. Core Compliance is instructor-led training that, in addition to being SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf accredited, provides training level certificates beyond the awareness level for over 30 selected topics. The classroom presentation is designed to build on common content in a high intensity 3-day format.

The Core Compliance training program will ensure your employees are trained in the safety topics commonly required by operators in their pre-qualification surveys and training matrices. Based on accepted industry practices supported and recommended by operators, PEC Core Compliance is the most comprehensive and cost effective way to meet the entry level safety training needs your customer and government are calling for.

PEC CORE Compliance Refresher Training

This standardized refresher course brings students up-to-date on their training certifications initially obtained through PEC Core Compliance. When administered annually, this one-day program will ensure workers are compliant with the training requirements on all health, safety and environmental topics covered in the 3-day Core Compliance training course.

40 Hour HAZWOPER Training

40-Hour HAZWOPER Training provides initial classroom training mandated by OSHA 29 CFR1910.120(e)(3). Workers attending this training will cover the OSHA suggested topics including Health and Safety Procedures, PPE used during work operations at hazardous material sites, Medical Monitoring, Site Characterization, Decontamination and many others. Workers that are involved in cleanups at waste sites, Superfund sites, TSDFs or even voluntary cleanups must have 40 hours of initial classroom instruction per the regulation.

8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher Training

The 8-Hour HAZWOPER Annual Refresher Course provides the required annual refresher training for employees who have completed the initial 24-Hour or 40-Hour HAZWOPER course. Training requirements as well as affected employees can be found in 29 CFR1910.120 (e)(q). Workers attending this 8-Hour Annual Refresher will cover changes in related regulations, several class safety activities, health and safety procedures, and personnel protection during work operations at hazardous material sites and many other areas. Workers that are involved in cleanups at waste sites, Superfund sites, TSDFs or even voluntary cleanups must complete the annual 8-hour refresher per the regulation. The content and exercises are updated and changed annually so your employees will not be taking the same HAZWOPER training seminar over and over again!

Permit Required Confined Space Training

This course is designed to meet the specifications of the OSHA regulation for confined space entry. The course will give the students the skills necessary to enter and occupy a confined space such as a manhole, trench/excavation, tank, pit, or similar enclosure that has the characteristics of a confined space. The goal is to equip the students with the knowledge of the OSHA regulations & best practices to work safely in a confined space and also determine if a confined space is a non-permit or permit required space. In order to do so, this course combines classroom lecture, discussion, as well as demonstration of the typical equipment needed to perform the confined space entry safely. Your employees will be trained as an entrant, attendant and Supervisor.

DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation Training

The DOT Hazmat Transportation Training covers the specific training requirements outlined under 49 CFR 172.704 which requires any person involved in offering a hazardous material for transportation to be properly trained.

To stay current with Department of Transportation requirements, your certification must be refreshed every 3 years or when regulations "substantially change". New employees may not perform hazardous materials shipping functions un-supervised until they have completed this DOT training course. The course covers the proper shipping and handling hazardous materials/wastes. Each element is expanded on during class through use of real world examples of what to do and what NOT to do when shipping hazardous materials.

Powered Industrial Lift Truck Training

According to OSHA (29 CFR 1910.178), all employees who operate a Powered Industrial Truck / Rough Terrain Forklift must be trained and authorized by the company prior to operation. In this course, we will train the student in the skills needed to safely operate a standard, rough terrain, gas- propane and/or electric Forklift Truck. Hands-on practice using an actual Forklift through an obstacle course is the highlight of this class. Refresher training is also required every 3 years.

Hazardous Communication Training/GHS Training

The New Hazard Communication requires the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) was created by the United Nations and serves as the international standard for Hazard Communication. Recent changes to the OSHA Hazard Communication Standards have aligned the United States with the GHS, and training is required to familiarize companies/employees on these changes. With our training, you will learn important information about changes to hazard classification standard, labels, safety data sheets, as well as employee training requirements.

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Safety Training

The purpose of this course is to provide employees the knowledge of Hydrogen Sulfide, what it’s made of and where it can be found. This course also helps to understand the health impacts & the physiological effects of hydrogen sulfide exposure and the OSHA guidelines & permissible exposure limits. The goal is to equip your employees with the knowledge of the guidelines & best practices to identify & work safely in hydrogen sulfide exposure areas.

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