Crude Oil / Hydrocarbon Emulsions Processing

Brine/Oil Emulsion Treatment

Emulsions can be difficult to treat and may cause several operational problems in wet‐crude handling facilities and gas/oil separation plants. The emulsions must be treated to remove the dispersed water and associated inorganic salts to meet crude specifications and reduce corrosion and catalyst poisoning.

Emulsions occur in almost every phase of oil production and processing including gas/oil separation plants, wet‐crude handling facilities, reservoirs, wellbores, wellheads, crude storage, petroleum processing and pipelines.

Spirit understands the challenges associated with oil and brine emulsions and we specialize in the processing of the following:

  • Condensate emulsions
  • Crude Oil emulsions
  • Low Flash Point and Water emulsions
  • Non Flammable Oil and Water emulsions
  • Mixed Product Processing such as Oils/Water/Glycols, etc.

These types of emulsions can be problematic to our customers and many other disposal companies reject them. Contact Spirit for assistance.

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