Spirit Services provides the Mid-Atlantic & Southeast United States with full service environmental recycling services.  Collection, treatment & sale of used oil, & solids.

Wastewater Treatment Services


Spirit offers a complete list of wastewater treatment services throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Southern Regions.  Our wastewater operators are professionally certified with combined decades of experience in wastewater treatment. A partial list of technologies for all wastewaters treated include dissolved air flotation, physical/chemical treatment, centrifugation, biological treatment, and thermal separation.  Spirit is constantly researching and developing new/better treatment technologies to remain competitive and compliant.    

Industrial Wastewater

Spirit facilities receive and pre-treat non-hazardous industrial wastewater.  Some of the materials accepted at our facilities are machine tool coolants, oil/water separator waste, petroleum contact water, emulsified oily water, tank bottoms, and other industrial processed wastewater.  For more information, please contact us.  

Landfill Leachate

Leachate waters are contaminated with organic and inorganic waste that can result in high levels of chemical and biological oxygen demand (COD and BOD) and requires complex treatment.  Spirit's Elliott Parkway facility has vast experience in processing leachate waters.  Contact us to receive more information about our processes and guidance.

Domestic Wastewater

The proper treatment of domestic wastewater, such as raw sewage, chemical toilet waste, and septage is essential for protecting our most vital of resources -  clean water.  To find out if we can assist you, please contact us.


Wastewater Laboratory

Spirit offers specialized in-house testing and profiling of wastewater. To ensure acceptance into our facilities, the customer must have the material tested by the Spirit laboratory and have a valid profile in place prior to shipping.  If the testing indicates the materials are incompatible with our licenses and/or treatment capabilities, Spirit can assist in locating another facility that will properly accept your materials.  Contact us for more information about our laboratory capabilities.

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Spirit Services is a member of NORA - An Association of Responsible Recyclers
PIOGA Partner - Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association
West Virginia Independent Oil & Gas Association
Spirit Services is recognized as a ISNET World Member Contractor
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