Spirit Services provides the Mid-Atlantic & Southeast United States with full service environmental recycling services.  Collection, treatment & sale of used oil, & solids.

Parts Washers and Ancillary Products and Services

Parts Washers and Servicing

We offer two types of washers, one is a non-solvent parts washer made by CUDA, for which Spirit is an authorized distributor.  We also provide the sink-type parts cleaner that works with a non-hazardous oil-based solvent.

To learn more about these services, please contact us.  

Vacuum Truck Services

Spirit provides vacuum truck services for tank cleanouts, sumps, and other high viscosity solids-laden material.  This is a specialized service and all material removed is stabilized and disposed of in accordance with federal, state & local agency guidelines. 

Spill Cleanup Materials, Steel Drums

Spirit can provide a variety of spill cleanup materials.  We stock a full line of products specially designed to contain a spill for proper disposal.  Additionally, we stock and sell steel drums to house waste products to avoid future spills. For more details about our products, contact us. 

Oil/Water Separator Industrial Cleanup

All oil/water separator systems must be cleaned and inspected on a regular basis as required by law.  Spirit can remove the liquids and sludge from your separator as well as flush the drains and pipes to provide a complete cleanout of your oil/water separator system.  For more information about this service, please contact us

Laboratory Testing for Disposal Materials

Spirit has its own on-site used oil and industrial wastewater testing laboratory.  Our state-of-the-art laboratory can qualify materials for acceptance to our facilities and provide analyses of our recycled oil.  Our laboratory's capabilities ensure proper quality assurance and quality control of our recyled fuels and industrial wastewater discharge.  If you have questions about our laboratory services, please contact us

Waste Profiling Support

Spirit provides professional support to guide our clients through the profiling phase.  All wastes entering our facilities must be pre-approved and have a current profile.  The accuracy of this information is crucial for both your safety and compliance, and ours.  Contact us for profile guidance.

Safe, Clean, Compliant. Don't waste another day.

Spirit Services is a member of NORA - An Association of Responsible Recyclers
PIOGA Partner - Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association
West Virginia Independent Oil & Gas Association
Spirit Services is recognized as a ISNET World Member Contractor
Serving Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia & Kentucky