Spirit Services provides the Mid-Atlantic & Southeast United States with full service environmental recycling services.  Collection, treatment & sale of used oil, & solids.

Recycled Oil Sales

Oil Recovery and Processing Facility

Used oil received is laboratory tested and if accepted, is unloaded at one of our oil recovery plants.  Our processing facilities recover the oil by separating the water and removing the solids.  The process ultimately turns the brown unusable oil into a "green" alternative fuel.  The finished product is always laboratory tested to ensure quality and to also verify that it meets the guidelines mandated by local, state and federal regulations.  For more information about these services, please contact us. 

Recycled Oil for Industrial Users/ Small Waste Oil Burners

In addition to industrial users, recycled oil can be utilized in small waste oil burners.  These burners can provide an economical heating source while preserving the environment and saving you money.  Many of the same contributors to the waste oil supply can reap the rewards of recycled oil usage.

Spirit’s Recycled Oil Team and Fleet

Our knowledgeable staff has combined decades of experience in the recycled oil industry.  Spirit has its own delivery fleet for your recycled oil.  Our friendly and helpful drivers are professional and subject to comprehensive Environmental Health and Safety training. What does this mean to our customers?  The guarantee of qualified answers, industry experience and onsite assistance with the use of our recycled fuel oil products.  Contact our team for more information.

Safe, Clean, Compliant. Don't waste another day.

Spirit Services is a member of NORA - An Association of Responsible Recyclers
PIOGA Partner - Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association
West Virginia Independent Oil & Gas Association
Spirit Services is recognized as a ISNET World Member Contractor
Serving Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia & Kentucky